Towards open digital publishing

Substance is an open platform for digital publishing
built on top of a web-first document format.

Become a writer and publisher of beautiful interactive documents that look great on any digital device.

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Our Mission

Content creation

We ensure strict separation of content and layout.
This allows building simple user interfaces for structured editing.


We want to make it easier to write together, review and discuss content in the open.


We use 100% web-technology, so we don't depend on any server infrastructure.


Our system consists of independent modules that can be customized easily.

Open Source

We release all building blocks as open source.

Substance for Developers

Substance provides an extensive, customizable content creation and annotation framework that enables user-centric interfaces and automatic data processing via your web-browser. Thanks to its modular nature it creates an ideal environment for many integration scenarios.

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„With eLife Lens we developed a modern interactive reading experience for online academic papers, which is powered by a customized Substance Document Model, the Lens Article. This is a significant step towards realising a research article of the future”

Ian Mulvany, Head of Technology at eLife


Michael Aufreiter

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

As the initiator of Substance, Michael coordinates the project and leads UI/UX development.

He is a passionate open source commiter since many years. Notable projects include Prose, a visual interface for managing content on GitHub, eLife Lens and of course Substance.

Find him on Twitter and Github.

Oliver Buchtala

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Oliver has worked in various fields of Computer Science. He loves and masters code generation, parsers and lately, Javascript. Back in 2010, he helped with the initial design of the Substance Document Model. Today he's involved in every aspect of development, with a focus on infrastructure and system architecture.

Find him on Github.

Work with us

As experts in the fields of academic publishing, online journalism and Open Government, we are offering custom integrations of the Substance platform. These can either be scoped prototyping projects or long-term contracts including a fixed monthly time-budget for custom development. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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