Do-It-Yourself Publishing for everyone

Whether you're a journalist or an ambitious hobbyist writer, Substance Composer
is the tool to create and share professional web-first publications.

Mac OSX Windows Ubuntu

Download Beta 3 (38.4MB)
Download Beta 3
Substance-Composer-Beta-3-Win-Setup.exe (25.9MB)
Download Beta 3
Substance-Composer-Beta-3-Ubuntu.deb (49.1MB)

Please read the release notes and the user manual.

On OSX 10.9, make sure you allow opening downloaded apps:
System Preferences -> Security & Privacy. Allow apps downloaded from: "Anywhere"

Write for the web

The web just turned 25. And still, most writing tools available are only simulating print.

Substance Composer sets your content free from the four walls of paper and turns you into a professional publisher.

Content First

Be creative on a white canvas. Don't worry about formatting and just focus on your content.

Include Media

Substance Composer supports media content such as images and videos. You can even include interactive web content such as visualizations.

Advanced export options

Your publication will look good on any digital device: Desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

Decide whether you want to include a Table of Contents or enable section numbering. You can also choose to add a list of references to the bottom of your publication.

Publications are self-contained web pages. In order to share with the world you upload them to a webspace of your choice.


Send your document to friends for review. They can point out errors and stick remarks on certain text passages.

Open Document Format

Substance content is stored as JSON, the data exchange format of the web. Each document is a little database that can be queried by a new generation of tools, such as readers and search engines.

Privacy and Control

Cloud-services take control over your content, and do not respect your privacy. Subtance gives control back to the user.

Open Source

The building blocks of Substance are available as Open Source.

User Voices
„I found Substance very useful, as it lets me focus on my writing. For my work, it is important that I can add media content such as videos and audio tracks and easily generate a rich web-publication, that can be viewed on different devices. Substance does all that for me, I just need to upload to a server. That's terrific.”

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Daniel Beilison, human rights activist from Moscow, Russia

„Substance Composer is a great solution for the management of content submissions to my web site! By allowing my writers to submit their articles in Substance Document Format they are already almost ready for publication. All I have to do is apply my site's template and the article is ready to post. I can easily edit an article myself, point out where corrections have to be made, or leave comments by using Substance's annotation features. I look forward to future product releases! I think this software is going to be a real game changer.”

Rebecca Close from Tempe, United States