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A property annotation can be used to overlay text and give it a special meaning. PropertyAnnotations only work on text properties. If you want to annotate multiple nodes you have to use a model/ContainerAnnotation.


Here's how a strong annotation is created. In Substance annotations are stored separately from the text. Annotations are just regular nodes in the document. They refer to a certain range (startOffset, endOffset) in a text property (path).

doc.transaction(function(tx) {
    id: 's1',
    type: 'strong',
    path: ['p1', 'content'],
    "startOffset": 10,
    "endOffset": 19

Get the plain text spanned by this annotation.


Determines if an annotation can be split e.g., when breaking a node.

In these cases, a new annotation will be created attached to the created node.

For certain annotation types,you may want to the annotation truncated rather than split, where you need to override this method returning false.

If this annotation is a an Anchor.

Anchors are annotations with a zero width. For instance, ContainerAnnotation have a start and an end anchor, or rendered cursors are modeled as anchors.