Just write and focus on what you want to say.

Just write

Did you know authors often spend as much time formatting as for writing content?

Using Substance, you can focus 100% on your content, while we make sure it looks great.


Writing is a creative act. Content is continuously rewritten and moved around.

With Revisions, you can create memorable snapshots of your work to access it later. Use them when you want to try out a radically new idea. Create a new revision and then delete the section you want to rewrite.

Share your work

One time you want to share a specific version with selected people for review. Another time you want to make it available publicly for readers. To fix errors after publication you need a way to publish changes easily.

In Substance, you can share revisions. Choose “Private” to control who can see the content, or “Public” if you want to share with the world.

Just read

Why do many people prefer reading books over online content? Reading a book keeps you focused and relaxed. In contrast, web sites draw away your attention with ads and links to related content.

Substance displays the content and nothing else to provide you with a reading experience matching that of a book as closely as possible.

Write together

Co-authoring, reviewing and copy editing is difficult today:

“I received PDFs from five people with corrections, how should I put all of these together? 🙀”

In Substance, contributing is as simple as editing ahead. When finished, the author receives a change request with your suggestions.

Coming soon. For writers and researchers.