Substance fills the gap between writing and publishing research.

Our Mission

We help rethink and redesign how people create and share scientific results. Because we believe anybody should be enabled to become a researcher and share their discoveries with ease.

Much time and resources are spent to turn a submitted manuscript into a publication, due to incompatible formats, tools, and guidelines. It often takes many months until the content becomes available for readers.

Substance helps bring researchers and journals closer together to collaborate more efficiently. To achieve that, we are introducing DAR, a standard-compliant format to represent scientific publications and Texture, an open source editor that can be used for authoring, reviewing and copy-editing of web-first scientific publications. We believe that ultimately, this will lead to faster and more frequent sharing of results, as well as enabling a lively public discussion.

How can we help you?

For authors
Create modern web
Use Texture to create
web-ready publications without worrying
about formatting, citation styles and other
submission guidelines.
coming soon
For publishers
Modernise your
Make the switch to DAR and Texture
at your journal and increase the
speed and quality of your
production workflow.

Our partners and supporters