Substance Consortium
“We recognize that web-based multi-party editing of structured documents is needed in the authoring, editing, and production workflows of knowledge creation, and believe that we can best ensure Substance serves all these needs by coming together to support them. We hope that by making this commitment, others will recognize that there is more to gain from jointly supporting Substance’s work rather than building local or custom solutions that cannot easily be used by others.”
– Juan Pablo Alperin

In 2016 a diverse group of organizations joined to create a consortium responsible for supporting the development and maintenance of Substance.js and Texture. The consortium is currently made up of an open source software development group (the Public Knowledge Project; PKP), two journal aggregation and dissemination platforms (Erudit and SciELO), an innovative publisher (eLife), and a data discovery platform (EMBO SourceData). Despite their differences, the Substance Consortium operates under the shared belief that a robust open source XML editor will be beneficial for the scholarly community at large.


The goal of the Substance Consortium is simple: to ensure the continued development and support of Substance by creating a community of stakeholders who will support and engage with Substance on an ongoing basis. Achieving this ensures that organizations that want to use Substance-based tools can be confident that it will be properly supported in the future. In addition, the Consortium is an acknowledgement that the organizations who use these tools as critical infrastructure have a responsibility to contribute to their upkeep.

In July 2016 Consoritum members met in Montreal to discuss its goals, structure, and principles. The group articulated these foundational principles:

Open Source
Substance.js and Texture will continue to be licensed as open source.
Ensure ongoing support and maintenance of Texture and Substance.js.
The tools will be supported with quality documentation and trainings.
Substance.js and Texture will be hosted and available long-term.
Decisions are made in a transparent manner, with regular communication about current and upcoming development.

Become a member

We are open to welcome new members who are committed to integrating Texture into their workflows and to support its ongoing development. Please contact us and we will set up a call to discuss how to get you on board.