Download for Mac, Windows and Linux: 1.0 (2018-09-27)


Texture is a toolset for the production of scientific content. It uses the Dar Format, which defines a stricter form of the JATS Archiving and Interchange Tag Set ("green" v. 1.1) XML format.

Please download the desktop app and read the introduction post. For a full list of features see the README.

Open Roadmap

Development of Texture will be prioritized to meet the needs of the community, with clear avenues for community input and discussion. Decisions are made in a transparent manner, with regular communication about current and upcoming development.

The following milestones have been achieved so far:

  • A functional prototype of a scientific editor was released in 2015 as Lens Writer
  • In June 2016 Texture Alpha (funded by Public Knowledge Project) was released, adding loss-free JATS conversion
  • In October 2016 Texture Alpha 2 (funded by Érudit) was published, providing a stabilized prototype
  • In July 2017 Texture Alpha 3 (funded by PKP and SciELO) was published, addding support for structured references, affiliations and other journal-specific metadata
  • In March 2018 Texture 1.0 Preview 1 (funded by Erudit) was released, making Texture available as a Desktop application, reading and writing the open Dar format
  • In May 2018 Texture 1.0 Preview 2 (funded by eLife) was released, adding math and list content types, as well as improving table editing.
  • In September 2018 Texture 1.0 (funded by eLife & SciELO) was released, adding advanced metadata editing.


Texture is open source (MIT license), and you are legally free to use it commercially. If you are using Texture to make profit, we expect that you help fund its development and maintenance.


Texture is developed by the Substance Consortium formed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (CoKo), SciELO and Érudit.

Thanks go to Alex Garnett, Juan Pablo Alperin, Alex Smecher, Kristen Ratan, Adam Hyde, Jure Triglav, Tanja Niemann, Davin Baragiotta, David Cormier, Sophy Ouch and Fabio Batalha Cunha dos Santos.